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 “Jim is one of the smartest executives I have worked with. His ability to understand markets and build competitive product strength through superior content is unrivaled. He has a keen sense of editorial direction and the ability to transform that vision into a loyal audience and high share of the advertising market.”

Don Pazour, CEO, Access Intelligence

“Jim has the ability to think intelligently and strategically as well as communicate easily and effectively with all levels of people. He understands change – and knows that what may have worked at one time and in one place is not necessarily the formula for success in any current given situation.”

David Nussbaum, Chairman/CEO, America's Test Kitchen

“Jim was able to overhaul our sales strategy, hire and train regional sales reps, launch an online business where there was none, upgrade editorial content, and generally improve the quality of our brand.”

Kerry Smith, President, Red 7 Media

"Thanks, Jim, for creating a very interactive environment. It is experts like yourself who help deliver quality to our industry and to our community."

Cynthia D'Aoust, President and CEO, Cruise Lines International Association

“It was clear the IMEX luncheon presentation had the stamp of a marketing professional. I’m glad CIC has been able to take advantage of your experience and expertise. CIC needs what you can offer, and you’ve proven that you can deliver.”

Terri Breining, Breining Group, and Chair, Convention Industry Council’s Hall of Leaders Advisory Board

“Jim—I just finished reading the report. It is EXCELLENT! Wow—some really great information and a treasure trove of data for us to improve the product. Your analysis was easy to understand and well defined.”

Jennifer Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Access Intelligence

“I love the tag line you developed for our awards program and the prominence we are giving it.”

Karen Kotowski, CEO, Convention Industry Council

“Jim, your work on our marketing materials and blog has been excellent. You do have a wonderful way with words.”

Dawn Penfold, President, Meetingjobs LLC

"Jim's experience and acumen in marketing and publishing were invaluable in the final edits of my book, "What Color is Your Event: The Art of Bringing People Together." As a contributing editor, his insights, strategic thinking and industry knowledge provided useful, objective observations that gave the book a logical flow. A valuable strategic thinker who can contribute to any project."

Dianne Devitt, Founder, DND Group

“Thank you so much for your help with our website. You went above and beyond.”

Kevin Jean-Charles, CEO, Front Row DMC

"When I had an idea, product, or service that needed strategic development, positioning, marketing and a creative approach, Jim far and away was my best option."

John Jaxheimer, Founder, Agenda USA

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